Legal and Law Enforcement Accessories
There are Many Good Career Opportunities in the Criminal Justice Field
Job Positions are in Law Enforcement, Courtroom Support and Government Agencies
Many Positions Do Not Require a Bachelor's Degree
There are Degree Programs Available at Local Campuses and Online

Pair of Pages

We now have two new posts ready on our website today.

These pages have several functions. They provide some basic information regarding seeking a career in the law enforcement or criminal justice field, plus they attempt to introduce site visitors to a few of the schools in the state that each page is dedicated to.

We have designed these pages to include a section where readers can leave their name and contact info. Admission officers from universities may then call them back with details about their program.

You can decide to register for a total degree-granting program or take just a number of classes.

Those pages are for the states of Idaho and Hawaii and are ready to look at now — ID Schools or HI Schools.

In case you have any kind of background taking classes at a college in either of those states, we would be interested in reading about it. We encourage you to send us any quick comment.