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There are Many Good Career Opportunities in the Criminal Justice Field
Job Positions are in Law Enforcement, Courtroom Support and Government Agencies
Many Positions Do Not Require a Bachelor's Degree
There are Degree Programs Available at Local Campuses and Online

Lincoln and Omaha

If you are in Nebraska, we have a new page that could appeal to you.

We are hoping that this latest page could help show students around STATE a few of the options in relation to schools and education. NE School Options is the title of this post.

Visitors to this page can spot the section which allows the reader to input their contact details. This allows university consultants to get in touch with the student and go over their professional and educational options.

By talking to a university admissions officer, you will be able to get all your questions answered and get a much better idea of which school is perfect for you.

You can browse this page if you’re interested in it.

If you went to some local school and wish to tell us about your experience there, we would be interested.