Legal and Law Enforcement Accessories
There are Many Good Career Opportunities in the Criminal Justice Field
Job Positions are in Law Enforcement, Courtroom Support and Government Agencies
Many Positions Do Not Require a Bachelor's Degree
There are Degree Programs Available at Local Campuses and Online


Are you thinking about earning a criminal justice degree?

This website is constructed to connect you with some of the leading criminal justice diploma courses in the country.

The Mississippi colleges outlined on this site deliver specific coursework, certificates, associate’s or bachelor’s degrees in criminal or an area of criminology.

As you’re most likely aware, today’s demand for skilled individuals in law enforcement, legal, corrections, and private protection fields is significantly rising. Law enforcement officers and other professionals are wanted at almost all levels — federal, state and local stage.

How do I get into this career path?
 Elements of the classic law enforcement workplace There are various ways to train for your first job. A great number of state judicial, law enforcement, and administrative help and support staff job opportunities are a real possibility with a program certificate of completion or two-year diploma.

Likely the most encouraged path, however, would be to complete a four-year degree which can provide you with the degree you need to not only receive your first position, but also supplies you with the credentials to possibly move up in the organization in the future. That being said, people who aspire to an advanced position in elite federal agencies such as the CIA, Secret Service, FBI or ATF may ultimately benefit from working towards a Master’s degree.

What kind of positions are available?
There’s a substantial range of job possibilities at the national or local level. Popular job classifications include criminal detectives, private investigators, customs officials, corporate insurance investigators, judicial clerks, prison authorities, crime scene researchers, local sheriff office deputies, police and state highway patrol officers, CIA, US Marshals and Secret Service.

What will I have classes in?
 Most MS graduates really enjoy their commencement proceedings A lot of educational programs will bring together professional training with general learning classes. Prevalent professional sessions will be in subjects such as human tendencies, criminology systems, crime investigation, American legal systems, probation, corrections procedures, basic constitutional law, juvenile justice, community safety and ethics.

What should I do first?
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