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There are Many Good Career Opportunities in the Criminal Justice Field
Job Positions are in Law Enforcement, Courtroom Support and Government Agencies
Many Positions Do Not Require a Bachelor's Degree
There are Degree Programs Available at Local Campuses and Online

Trio of Pages

We published a few new education pages this past week.

Formal education in specific states is what these new pages are all about.

There’s a form on these pages that allows individuals to research local colleges and the sort of degrees they deliver.

If you would like find out if you might be right for a particular university, the easiest technique to do it is to have a talk with an admissions officer. They can provide you with their assistance in addition to inform you of their university.

If college in either Nevada, New Hampshire or New Jersey might be in your near future, you ought to head over to their pages:

In case you have any comments concerning a local college, we encourage you to forward it to us.

Lincoln and Omaha

If you are in Nebraska, we have a new page that could appeal to you.

We are hoping that this latest page could help show students around STATE a few of the options in relation to schools and education. NE School Options is the title of this post.

Visitors to this page can spot the section which allows the reader to input their contact details. This allows university consultants to get in touch with the student and go over their professional and educational options.

By talking to a university admissions officer, you will be able to get all your questions answered and get a much better idea of which school is perfect for you.

You can browse this page if you’re interested in it.

If you went to some local school and wish to tell us about your experience there, we would be interested.

Newest Page Additions

We have new pages for the states of Mississippi, Missouri and Montana. Anyone interested in earning a degree from a school in one of those states may want to check out one of these pages.

On these pages, we discuss local school choices.

Several educational institutions offer diplomas or courses in law enforcement and criminal justice. There is a list of public and private colleges at these pages.

A few of the schools listed offer concentrated, rigorous instruction packages, while others supply four-year diplomas.

You can explore those lists of colleges through these links: MS Schools | MO Schools | MT Schools.

If your old institution isn’t on our list yet, you can tell us about it.

Twin Cities Residents

Minnesota now has its very own page at our site.

We concentrated this page on career training opportunities in the Twin Cities and beyond.

There are some universities that deliver criminal justice coursework listed at this page.

A lot of the institutions detailed there provide bachelor’s or associate’s diplomas, but yet other institutions package faster certificate programs or even longer graduate programs.

Go on and check that MN page out.

And in case you have previously taken classes at some of these schools before, make sure to send us a short comment about your experience there.

Newest Page

We have a number of pages on our site, and now we have a new one.

We tried to focus this page on career training choices around Michigan.

Schools who offer law enforcement or criminal justice diplomas are listed at this page. Potential students can give consideration to one or more of these institutions.

A short talk with an admissions official should bring about finding your issues clarified and finding out which college is right for your situation.

If you might be curious, you may check that MI page here.

You may recommend your old school for inclusion to this list as well.

Boston and More

If you’re a Massachusetts student, we have a new page that may appeal to you.

Boston and other MA educational options are the intent of this page.

Area universities that supply degrees in law enforcement or criminal justice are discussed at this page.

These universities might give choices for attending training sessions online or in a classroom setting.

That page could be viewed at this MA link.

And if your own favorite state school isn’t on our short list yet, just tell us about it.

Two States Starting with M

We have refreshed our site with a few new pages.

These pages are for people who would like to enroll at a Maine or Maryland school.

We have made these pages to include a section where readers may give their name and contact info. Admission representatives from universities can then call them back with information about their programs.

The most effective way to research which school is good for you is to chat to an admissions official. They will discuss with you some of your recommended choices and give their own individual viewpoints.

You can get started working towards a brand new diploma by going to one of those pages. Visit ME schools or MD schools.

For those who have previously gone to a college here in Maine or Maryland, our site would appreciate hearing about your experience with them.

New Orleans and More

Students in Louisiana have several choices in regards to universities.

We have a new post about career training alternatives in New Orleans and other parts of Louisiana.

We have built this page to feature a section where readers may leave their name and contact details. Admission representatives from schools can then call them back with information about their specific program.

A few of the colleges mentioned on this new page supply four-year bachelor’s degrees, but we also talk about faster certification-style programs.

You could pay a visit to that page now if you want to look into those LA colleges.

If you have previously gone to any one of these institutions, why don’t you let us know about your experience?

The K States

There’s a few new pages on our web site.

These pages are about education options in states that start with the letter K.

So, we’re talking about education prospects in Kansas and Kentucky.

There are lists of schools at these pages which provide training in criminal justice career fields.

There are going to be several differences from any one university on these pages to the next school on the list relating to tuition level, degrees, majors offered, and class schedules, so make sure you compare them.

I have set up those pages at KS schools and KY schools.

Tell us if you do not notice your institution listed on our pages.

Two Upper Midwest States

The most recent posts on our site are about college options in two Midwestern states.

We now have pages about education options in Indiana and Iowa.

Besides including a little information about criminal justice degrees, these pages also have a place where the website visitor might give their name and contact details. These details are offered to whatever university the student wants to know more information about.

At most of these schools, you can sign up for just a few classes or a complete degree-granting program.

In case these pages sound beneficial, you can take a look at them here — IN schools or IA schools.

We know our website visitors like to examine comments from other students, so if you have any comments to talk about, please go on and email them to us.

Residents of IL

There is another extra page at our site now.

Formal education options around Illinois is the main topic of this page.

You can go through our brief list of area colleges which offer criminal justice and law enforcement training.

The schools detailed at this page include big universities down to small, modest career training institutions.

I have set up that IL page here.

If you do not find your preferred school included on that page, tell us about it.

Pair of Pages

We now have two new posts ready on our website today.

These pages have several functions. They provide some basic information regarding seeking a career in the law enforcement or criminal justice field, plus they attempt to introduce site visitors to a few of the schools in the state that each page is dedicated to.

We have designed these pages to include a section where readers can leave their name and contact info. Admission officers from universities may then call them back with details about their program.

You can decide to register for a total degree-granting program or take just a number of classes.

Those pages are for the states of Idaho and Hawaii and are ready to look at now — ID Schools or HI Schools.

In case you have any kind of background taking classes at a college in either of those states, we would be interested in reading about it. We encourage you to send us any quick comment.

Weekend Page

We have another new page that is live on our website this weekend.

This newest page focuses on education and job training alternatives around the state of Georgia.

Readers of this page should be able to spot the section that allows the visitor to leave their contact information. This enables college advisers to get in touch with the prospective student and discuss their career and education options.

You can find institutions that deliver online courses as well as classroom instruction.

If you are looking at a Georgia university, you can get more GA information right here.

Have you got any experience at any of these schools in the past? We is interested in learning about it.

Today’s Page

Florida students may be interested in our latest page.

Enrolling at a university in Florida is what this page is all about.

A few of the academic institutions that provide degree programs in criminal justice are shown at this page.

A little call with a university admissions rep may be the fast technique to determine if a certain school meets your needs.

In case you are interested, you may check that FL page out here.

Want to let us know about a fine college that was mistakenly left off the short list?

Two Pages

There are some brand new pages at our website these days. We have placed pages pertaining to school options in both Connecticut and Delaware.

These new pages are about colleges in those states.

These pages have a form which allows individuals to look for universities that could be suitable for their needs.

One of the easiest ways to determine if a school is right for your situation is to talk about that institution and your goals with an admissions officer from that institution.

You may drop by these new pages and learn a bit more. Simply click here for Delaware or here for Connecticut.

Is there a school to put on our list? You can send us any recommendation via our contact page.

Mile High

We have a new article now.

On this latest page, we investigate Colorado school options.

There is a list of educational institutions at this post that supply training and offer degree opportunities to local students.

The degrees offered by these colleges vary significantly, so you’ve got a lot of different choices.

Did you graduate from a good Colorado school you wish to tell us about?

Todays Post

If you are a resident of Arizona, Arkansas or California, we have some pages that could appeal to you.

Our newest pages are for those who are thinking of going to school in one of those states.

There are nice lists on these pages of STATE academic institutions that deliver training in criminal justice.

You may know some of the institutions listed, but there may be a few that you will not.

You can view those pages by clicking here — AZ AR or CA.

Is your alma mater not on our lists? Tell us.

New Pages

We have a few new pages I wanted to mention.

We have new pages for Alaska, Alabama and Arizona.

These pages list schools available for residents of those states.

You can check them out here:


New Design

Our site has gone through a re-design this weekend.

We are still working on bringing all of the old pages into the new format.

This new format will give us a lot of flexibility as we move forward.

If you see a broken page or something not working, you surely could let us know about it.

Thanks in advance.